Welcome to The MetaApes Club

MetaApes is a collection of 99,999 Non Fungible tokens (NFTS) generated exclusively by Metaverse Apes Club. They are very special to our community and will always be written on the Polygon blockchain. You will be able to buy and trade your MetaApes assets in OpenSea. These amazing MetaApes have various characteristics. They are defined as the guardians of the Metaverse, making them very unique and collectible in nature. For example, Crown Hat, it is the most precious of all collections, only 103 pieces are produced in total. As seen in many of them, those who possess it will win the battle in the Metaverse. In addition, each characteristic corresponds to an enhanced or special divine power, which is also a symbol of power and status in the Metaverse. Why join our club? Because it will give you exclusive governance privileges in the ever-evolving MetaApes Club world, MetaApes will derive more virtual assets in the future development of web3. Please remember that we love our community, the community is exclusive, and makes history in the Metaverse space. Grasp your MetaApes, just like cherishing your own baby, don’t lose it.

Why is MetaAps so precious?

There are 99,999 MetaApe in total, and MetaApes hopes that everyone who loves the Metaverse can have MetaApe. MetaApes is the guardian of the Metaverse. Every human being who obtains them will be protected by divine power in all battles in the Metaverse.

How to get a MetaApes?

Originally, MetaApesClub will airdrop 8,888 MetaApes, Anyone with a MetaMask Polygon mainnet wallet can participate in the receive airdrop, but 8,888 were quickly claimed. Now, you must obtain MetaApe through purchase or “Mint”.

What is the mint cost of each MetaApes?

Blind box mint is about to open!
# 30001–38880 = gas + 5 $MATIC mint
# 38881–40000 = gas + 10 $MATIC mint

How to get $MATIC tokens?

You should know that for your new network, if you don’t have tokens, you won’t be able to do many things.You can use Polygon Bridge to send tokens such as ETH to your Matic wallet, but please note that you need to pay ETH transaction fees.For example, in order to reduce costs, it is ideal to buy $MATIC tokens on a cryptocurrency exchange (also used to pay transaction fees on the Polygon network). withdraw $MATIC tokens to your wallet, you must select the Polygon network and also pay attention to the Polygon address you withdraw on the platform.

How many Metaapes can be minted in a single transaction?

Up to 10.

Will the MetaApes be revealed on OpenSea as soon as each is minted?

Yes. If you don’t see your MetaApes right away, wait a short while then try again (OpenSea can sometimes be laggy in revealing new mints).

Where can I buy and sell the MetaApes when I have minted some?

On the OpenSea marketplace at: https://opensea.io/collection/metaapesclubdao

How can I buy?

For instructions, please refer to our SUPPORT page.

Ownership of Copyright

The owner of this asset also owns the full commercial rights of the image itself and the original rights in the metaverse.

Exclusive Membership

Owning a MetaApes provides access to the MetaApes Club (if unlocked) and other exclusive perks for holders.

Safe NFT

MetaApes are safely stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Polygon blockchain.Metadata is stored in the IPFS network.

Meta Art

They are randomly generated based on more than 100 possible characteristics and attributes, including background, suit, hat, fur, face, eyes, mouth, accessories , etc. Each MetaApes is unique in the world, no other is exactly the same, they are the guardians of the Metaverse.



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