How to MINT?

You will need to use ETHEREUM cryptocurrency to purchase MetaApes. MetaApes NFTs mint opens. #30001–38880, gas+5 matic mint, #38881–40000, gas+10 matic mint.Go to our MINT(opens in new window), click on the Connect button to connect your Metamask wallet, and confirm the appropriate quantity of punks and total cost, and Confirm the transaction in Metamask. That’s it! Wait for your transaction to go through (it can take a little while) then go to see our collection on Opensea and sort by “Recently Created” to view your new MetaApes at the top of the list!

How many MetaApes can be minted in a single transaction?

up to 10.

​Please make sure you have enough $MATIC in your wallet and your wallet is on the correct mainnet (Polygon mainnet).

How to set up the Polygon mainnet in MetaMask wallet?

Go to, enter “matic” in the search bar, and click “CONNECT WALLET” to connect to the Polygon mainnet.

How to buy MATIC for beginners:

Look for both legal and crazy trends to support the simple process of buying MATIC. In the later stage of supporting MATIC, an account is opened, such as Binance or OKEx. Please remember that most exchanges require email, address phone number, and identification to register. Deposit funds into your account: recharge your account through bookkeeping, or pay with a credit or debit card, or deposit and swipe money from an online wallet to purchase $MATIC.

Buy your $MATIC.

Complete your $MATIC purchase and find the best wallet to store $MATIC -we recommend using the popular Metamask wallet. You can find everything you need to start using Metamask here ( -review).​

If you have any other questions, please ask in our DISCORD server.



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